Fishnets Lingerie interior in Whitby North Yorkshire

Is it sexier to tantalise with layers than to strip down instantly?

 Sexy underwear is better

 I don't care as long as we make love

 I prefer my partener just to strip off

 Both are appealing


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Underwear - A Class Act

Capital UNDERWEAR, what does it do for you? What does it do for your partner? These are the questions that should be in any ladies mind that is shopping for that ultimate gift for herself, the range of designs, styles and textiles available nowadays enables a girl to really let her imagination run riot, remember ladies, in the bedroom practicality isn’t really the issue so the more to be had the better!

Just as the whole sensory experience should be brought into play when selecting your item, sight, touch and smell, as well as comfort, underwear should encompass all these things as well as giving you the confidence to feel your best, even the skimpiest outfit should involve all these factors, in this department less can definitely mean more!

All these things are also what men like to see their ladies in, but above all men like to see their women in something that makes a woman seem even more curvaceous and shapely. When shopping for underwear, and it has to be said, cost should be low on your list of priorities, buy the best you can afford, good, classy underwear should be a luxury and an indulgence and the best quality, textiles and styles will pay dividends, believe me. In the bedroom cheap, nasty underwear is virtually the biggest turn-off of all. Quality underwear also enhances the cut and shape of the clothes worn over it which is very important in itself, after all the better you feel about your self the sexier you will be!

A good idea to bear in mind is the multi-layered approach to undressing, so the more items to take off in the bedroom and fiddle with can prolong and enhance the experience, this applies to even the flimsiest outfits – so experiment with everything: suspenders, stockings, corsets, slips, bras, thongs, in other words, the whole damn shooting match and find out what works for you and your partner. Remember in the bedroom men like to see the allure of a woman and be teased and brought along slowly, all this “get 'em out for the lads” is nonsense and just a big front that men put on when they are in a crowd, and generally doesn’t work in the bedroom, although there are exceptions, of course! So take it slow and indulge your fantasies and wearing classy, beautiful underwear will add to you and your partner’s pleasure. So, in the end imagination is the keyword, whatever you want to be: coquettish, classy, school girlish, slutty or come hitherly, there is underwear out there to match that look and think of the fun to be had both in finding those items and the after effect and by product of that amazing underwear find.

Writer: a man of the world. 06/06/08

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